Campus Resources for Classics Studies

San Francisco State University is proud to offer a wide diversity of resources for the study of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, whether material or textual.

Ancient Artifacts and Museum

The University houses two collections of ancient artifacts: the de Bellis Collection, which includes Etruscan, Greek, and Roman materials, and the Sutro Egyptian Collection, which provides students with "hands on" experience in museum skills.


Students interested in numismatics may also make use of the Lindgren Coin Collection.

UC Berkeley Classes

The University has a limited cross-registration policy allowing regularly enrolled full-time students to register in one course per semester at UC Berkeley.

International Classes

Students who choose to participate in international programs can, upon approval, earn academic credit at SFSU while they pursue full-time study at a host university or special study center abroad.

Library and Reading Room

The Richard L. Trapp Classics Library and Reading Room contains thousands of volumes of use to students, study and group work space, and a small computer lab offering printing and scanning capabilities.

Library Online Resources

Through the Trapp lab, students also have online access to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, l'Annee Philologique, Brills' New Pauly, and Jacoby's Fragments of the Greek Historians.

Academic Resources (Advising and Tutoring)

Other On-Campus Resources