Current MA Students

Mark Bodenchak

Sarah Garvey

Kerry Gray - Kerry’s interest in Classics is based on the the reciprocal influence of literature and power dynamics.  Further interests include translation, comparative linguistics, philosophy of history, rhetoric, and Greek lyric poetry.

Victoria Hodges

Annie Huynh

Adriana Javier

Andrew Love

Sarah Mabie

Katelyn Orwig

Kimberly Paton - Kimberly’s primary interest is spreading the benefits of a Classical education beyond the field proper.  Her research focuses on the current threats to the discipline, the benefits of Latin on English literacy, and Latin pedagogy and textbooks in elementary, middle, and high schools.  She co-wrote a Latin textbook for the Paideia Institute targeted toward elementary school students with the goal of improving English literacy through Latin.

Stephanie Polos

Leah Schocket - Leah’s primary goal as a classicist is to help (re)integrate classics into the public-school system at every grade level. She advocates approaches to teaching Greek and Latin that foster natural language acquisition and student engagement by addressing speaking, listening, reading, and writing competencies. Leah has fourteen years of experience tutoring typically developing learners and learners with special needs.

Kitty Shockey