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The College of Liberal & Creative Arts established the student Advising Resource Center (ARC) to provide multiple support services to students. You can receive information regarding requirements for your degree, petitions, financial aid, tutoring, student clubs, events, careers and much more.

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Student Forum

The Classics Students Association is pleased to announce this year's Student Forum.  The Student Forum offers an opportunity for students of the ancient world, both from SFSU and from the Bay Area community, to present their research to their peers and faculty.

The Student Forum took place Saturday, November 5, 10am-1pm, in HUM 288.  Food and drink were provided.

  • "Disintegration of Vision: The Black Figure Eye in Exekais" by Andrew Love
  • "More Savage than Domitian, More Foul than Nero: A Brief Analysis of the Reputed Character of Emperor Commodue" by David Hlusak
  • "Three Headed Hound of the Moon: The Roles of Hecate in the Ancient and Modern Worlds" by Alexandra Conrad

For more information, please contact the Classics Students Association at

Class Schedule: Fall 2017

CLAR 250 Archaeology of the Ancient World
CLAR 420 Greek Art and Archaeology
CLAR 565/865 Monuments of the Eternal City: Ancient Rome
CLAR 699/899 Independent Study
CLAS 230 Ancient Epic Tales
CLAS 240 Greek & Roman Drama
CLAS 260 Greek & Roman Mythology
CLAS 280 The Ancient World in Film
CLAS 410 Ancient Greek Literature
CLAS 490 History of Ideas
CLAS 510 The Byzantine Empire
CLAS 582 Tales from Ancient India: Hinduism and Buddhism
CLAS 690/890 Edit & Publish Classical Journal
CLAS 697 Honors Thesis
CLAS 699/899 Independent Study
CLAS 896/896EXM Directed Reading: Classics
CLAS 898 Masters Thesis/Creative Work
GRE 101 Elementary Ancient Greek
GRE 430/730 Greek Oratory I
GRE 699/899 Independent Study
LATN 101 Elementary Latin
LATN 301 Latin Prose and Poetry
LATN 735 Roman Epistolography
LATN 699/899 Independent Study
MGS 150 Modern Greek I
MGS 510 The Byzantine Empire
N.B.  This is a tentative schedule, and is subject to change.


Classics Graduate Student Handbook

The Department of Classics is pleased to provide our Graduate Student Handbook for all current and prospective students.  This document is designed to help graduate students answer questions about advising and administrative processes.

The Hanbook can be downloaded here: Classics Graduate Student Handbook (pdf)


Scholarships available through the Department of Classics:

  • The John Ungaretti Translation Award
  • The Society for Classical and Comparative Studies Travel Scholarship
  • The Raoul Bertrand Graduate Scholarship
  • The Richard L. Trapp Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The Richard L. Trapp Graduate Teaching Fellowship
  • Graduate Teaching Associate Positions
  • Graduate Associate Positions

SFSU @ Pompeii

Learn more about the archaeological field internship programme conducted each summer at the site of ancient Pompeii, Italy!

Spring Lecture Series

2017: The 25th Annual Spring Lecture Series: Society on Display: Celebration, Procession and Protest


  • A Journey in Triumph, A Journey in Sorrow: Two Exiles Return to Rome
  • Gateways to Rome: Architecture and Topographical Display in Aeneid 6 and 7
  • The Voice of the People in Latin Epic and Tragedy
  • Festival and Spectacle: Processions in the Early Greek World

Pithos Students' Journal

Spring 2016, 15th annual volume of Pithos, a Journal of the Classics Students Association, was released May 2016 and is available for download.

"It is an easy pattern to fall into to compare our own civilization with those of the ancient Greeks and Romans and to eek out the similarities between ours and theirs..." Adriana Javier, former Editor-In-Chief

Class Schedule: Summer 2017

*CLAS 260 Greek & Roman Mythology R3
(July 10- Aug 11)
*CLAS 280 The Ancient World in Film

(June 5-July 7)

 CLAS 421


Classics & The Environment

July 5-July 9
at Sierra Nevada Field Campus


* Approved for General Eduaction

Classics Students Association

The department's autonomous student group, the Classics Students Association, also contributes actively to the vibrant culture of the department by organizing its annual Spring Lecture Series, now the longest-running event on campus, and by editing and publishing the journal Pithos, the most recent volume of which is now available.

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Pompeii, Italy, Archaeological Internship Programme
  • Archaeological Institute of America Summer programs and/or excavations
  • Summer Program in Rome: Latin, Archaeology, Roman Pottery
  • College Year in Athens
  • And More...

Campus Resources for Classics Studies

  • A diversity of resources for the study of ancient Mediterranean civilizations
  • Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Artifacts
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Coin Collection
  • UC Berkeley Classes
  • International Class Credit
  • Library and Reading Room Library

Resources and Quick Links

  • Academic Links
  • Journal Searches
  • Campus Organizations
  • Points of Interest