Classics Student Organization

The Classics Students Association (CSA) is dedicated to increasing awareness of the Ancient Mediterranean World through sponsorship of lectures, films, special events and Pithos, the journal of CSA.

All students of San Francisco State University are welcome to participate in the activities of the CSA. For additional information, email us or contact our faculty advisor, Professor Gill McIntosh, by phone at (415) 338-1537.

The department's autonomous student group, the Classics Students Association, also contributes actively to the vibrant culture of the department by organizing its annual Spring Lecture Series, now the longest-running event on campus, and by editing and publishing the journal Pithos.

Student Organization Officers

2023-2024 CSA Officers

  • Karissa Hurzeler, President
  • Olivia Walters, Vice President
  • Ruth Varghese, Treasurer
  • Anissa Montelongo, Social Media Manager

2021-2022 CSA Officers

  • Celeste Reynoso, President

2020-2021 CSA Officers

  • Emily Chen, President
  • Eric Gillon, Vice President

2019-2020 CSA Officers

  • Kieran Barkley, President
  • Emily Chen, Vice President
  • Maddy Bisbee, Secretary
  • Natalia Malheiros de Carvalho Monteiro, Treasurer

2018-2019 CSA Officers

  • Katie Narayan, President
  • Victoria Hodges, Vice President
  • Maddy Bisbee, Secretary
  • Luke Loper, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Polos, Media

2017-2018 CSA Officers

  • Emily Hollocks, President
  • Victoria Hodges, Vice President
  • Hatibe Karacuban, Secretary
  • Nereyda Montecino, Treasurer
  • Nick Maggio, Media

2016-2017 CSA Officers

  • Sarah Mabie, President
  • Nereyda Montecino, Vice President
  • Andrew Love, Secretary
  • Annie Huynh, Treasurer
  • Alex Conrad, Media

2015-2016 CSA Officers

  • Kimberly Paton, President
  • Sarah Mabie, Vice President
  • Kevin Hunter, Secretary
  • Will Chadwick, Treasurer
  • Hatibe Karacuban, Media

2014-2015 CSA Officers

  • Samantha Alfonso, President
  • Kevin Hunter, Vice President
  • Kimberly Paton, Secretary
  • Sarah Garvey, Treasurer
  • Kerry Gray, Media

2013-2014 CSA Officers

  • Alice Chapman, President
  • Samantha Alfonso, Vice President
  • Brandon Braun, Secretary
  • Mark Bodenchak, Treasurer
  • Adriana Javier, Media

2012-2013 CSA Officers

  • Brandon Braun, President
  • Megan Bresnahan, Vice President
  • Heather Pujals, Secretary
  • Olivia Walters, Treasurer
  • Antigone Slavko, Media

2011-2012 CSA Officers

  • Michael Moore, President
  • Kazumasa Suzuki, Vice President
  • Shannon Chapman, Secretary
  • Aleeza Brown, Treasurer
  • Megan Bresnahan, Media

2010-2011 CSA Officers

  • Jessica Sue Wiles, President
  • Carson Forter, Secretary
  • Mike Hayes, Treasurer
  • Deborah Morgan, Media

2009-2010 CSA Officers

  • Victoria Moore, President
  • Abigail Lambert, Vice President
  • Victoria Keitel, Secretary
  • Aaron Beck-Schachter, Treasurer
  • John Cardenas, Media

2008-2009 CSA Officers

  • Seth Chabay, President
  • Victoria Moore, Vice President
  • Erin Bryan, Secretary
  • Christopher King, Treasurer