Pithos Classics Journal

The Classics Students Association is pleased to present Pithos, the San Francisco State University students' Classics Journal. 

"It is an easy pattern to fall into to compare our own civilization with those of the ancient Greeks and Romans and to seek out the similarities between ours and theirs..."

— Adriana Javier, former Editor-In-Chief

Pithos Submissions

We are pleased to announce that after a hiatus of several years, Pithos, the SF State students' Classics Journal, is now accepting submissions from graduate and undergraduate students from any department! These can include original translations, essays, book reviews, or research papers pertaining to the ancient Mediterranean, including Greece, Rome, Egypt, and nearby cultures. However, while "Classics" is typically understood in this context, our vision is more far-reaching than that. Please do not feel like your submissions can only be research papers (although those are absolutely welcome!) - feel free to get creative by expanding the study of Classics into the modern world!  To this end, the editors are also open to submissions of creative works, 3D reconstructions, videos, or other online media that represent a response to and engagement with the ancient world.  As the requirements and particulars of such submissions may vary, please contact the editors in advance to plan modalities.

Submissions are due by JUNE 1, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

All submissions sent to Pithos for review should follow these guidelines:

  • Articles are to be submitted via email to rvarghese1@sfsu.edu with the subject line “PITHOS 2023 Submission"
  • Articles should be submitted as ATTACHMENTS as .doc, .docx, or .pdf files. Should this cause problems please contact the editors.
  • Attachment FILE NAMES should as follows: "[Title of Paper]_Pithos 2023"
  • Articles should be submitted WITHOUT A TITLE PAGE. The AUTHOR'S NAME SHOULD NOT APPEAR anywhere in the text of the document.
  • The article itself must contain the TITLE OF THE WORK ON THE FIRST PAGE.
  • The text of the article should not exceed 25 pages (not including images, notes and bibliography.)
  •  You are welcome to use your preference on citations, although Chicago (currently on the 17th edition) is good practice for the field and is preferred.

If you have any questions about what constitutes as "Classics," what you can submit, or what the editing process will be like, feel free to email Ruth Varghese at rvarghese1@sfsu.edu.