Latin Teaching Credential

The department offers a Certification of Single Subject Matter Preparation in Latin, recognized by the State of California, for students interested in teaching Latin in California public middle and high schools.

The Subject Matter Preparation for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Latin shall include (a) 34 semester units of core course work in Latin language and literature and Roman culture, covering the linguistic skills, cultural and literary knowledge commonly taught in California Secondary Public Schools, and (b) a minimum of 6 semester units of course work that provides breadth and perspective to supplement the essential core of the program. The program totals 40 units. All courses in Latin, Classics and Classical Archaeology are taught under the direction of the Classics Department. The introductory linguistics course is taught under the direction of the Department of English Language and Literature, and the courses in the Roman Republic and Imperial Rome are taught under the direction of the Department of History. Students who expect to receive a recommendation for subject matter certification must achieve a grade “B” or better in each course.

Download the Latin Teaching Credential document and follow the steps to submit your application.