If Not Apollo, the Breeze: Two Collaborative Performances

Saturday, December 9 - 5:00 pm
KADIST, SF (3295 20th Street, San Francisco)


We are pleased to announce two short performances in connection with the exhibition If Not Apollo, the Breeze at KADIST, SF, this Saturday, December 9.
The exhibition “takes the ancient literary history of the oracle at Delphi as its starting point to explore the irrational, ambiguous, infallible, portentous, performative, hallucinatory, and predictive. Like the oracle itself, the exhibition presents a series of coded messages that address a future that is both hard to discern and right under our feet, like a road. Nine artists and one underground newspaper are included” (http://kadist.org/program/if-not-apollo-the-breeze/).

In conjunction with the exhibition, two pairs of artists will “interrogate the role of translation in establishing sense and significance from ancient oracular histories and ideas” (http://kadist.org/program/two-collaborative-performances/):

  • Lynn Marie Kirby will perform Transmissions, a video and live reading created with longtime collaborator Etel Adnan.
  • Prof. Alexandra Pappas (Department of Classics at SFSU) and Claudia La Rocco will perform The Pythia, The Apollo, and Other Stuff, a reflection on and enactment of the relationship between analysis, poetics, and critique.

The performances will be held at KADIST, SF (3295 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110).  The bar will open at 5pm, and the performances will begin at 5:30.

For further information about the performances, please visit http://kadist.org/program/two-collaborative-performances/.
For further information about the exhibition If Not Apollo, the Breeze, which will run through December 16, 2017, please visit http://kadist.org/program/if-not-apollo-the-breeze/.


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