Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Classics

The Bachelor of Arts in Classics is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with the means to explore the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and Near East, including Egypt.

The Department of Classics offers the following degrees and programs.

  • B.A. in Classics
  • Minor in Classics
  • Minor in Modern Greek Studies
  • Teaching Credential Single Subject Latin
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Student Forum

The Classics Students Association is pleased to announce this year's Student Forum.  The Student Forum offers an opportunity for students of the ancient world, both from SFSU and from the Bay Area community, to present their research to their peers and faculty.

The Student Forum will take place 10am-2pm on Saturday, October 20, 2018 in HUM 114.  Food and drink will be provided.

  • "Blood, Milk, and Honey: Roman Female Ritualized Mourning as a Form of Funeral Offering" by Kathleen Narayan
  • "Mare Nostrum, or Is It?" by Victoria Hodges
  • "Darkness Helps Us to Feel Holy: The Classical Conception of Witchcraft in Sixteenth-Century Europe" by David Hlusak
  • "Lydopatheis: Perceptions of Eastern Feminine Appearance in Anacreontic Vases" by Stephanie Polos
  • "Applying Archaeoastronomy to 'Nyx' on the Altar of Zeus" by Luke Loper

For more information, please contact the Classics Students Association at csa.sfstate@gmail.com.


Please Note: During this period of remote instruction in response to COVID-19, academic advising remains available via email, phone, and Zoom. Reach out to us for continued support!

Class Schedule: Summer 2021

CLAS 230 Ancient Epic Tales
CLAS 260 Greek & Roman Mythology
CLAS 280 The Ancient World In Film


Class Schedule: Spring 2021

*CLAR 250 Archaeology of the Ancient World
 CLAR 420B Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
 CLAR 425B Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome
*CLAR 500A Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
 CLAR 699/899 Independent Study
*CLAS 230 Ancient Epic Tales
*CLAS 240 Greek & Roman Drama
*CLAS 260 Greek & Roman Mythology
*CLAS 280B The Ancient World in Film
*CLAS 415B Ancient Roman Literature
*CLAS 490 History of Ideas
*CLAS 582B Tales from Ancient India:
Hinduism and Buddhism
ACLAS 690/890 Edit & Publish Classics Journal
 CLAS 697 Honors Thesis
 CLAS 699/899 Independent Study
 CLAS 896/896EXM Directed Reading: Classics
 CLAS 898 Master's Thesis/Creative Work
 GRE 202 Intermediate Ancient Greek
 GRE 699/899 Independent Study
 LATN 202 Intermediate Latin
 LATN 699/899 Independent Study
*MGS 151 Modern Greek II
 MGS 699 Independent Study
*Approved for General Education


Spring Lecture Series

2021: The 28th Annual Spring Lecture Series: Conversations with Greece and Rome from Home: Research on the Ancient Greco-Roman World at San Francisco State

  • Dr. David Leitao, Department of Classics, San Francisco State University
    Thinking Multiculturalism through Greco-Roman Coins

  • Dr. Doug Bailey, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University
    Beyond Interpretation and Explanation in the Archaeology of Art

  • Dr. Fred Astren, Department of Jewish Studies, San Francisco State University
    Post-Roman Jews: The Legacy of Rome at the Transition from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Pompeii, Italy, Archaeological Internship Programme
  • Archaeological Institute of America Summer programs and/or excavations
  • Summer Program in Rome: Latin, Archaeology, Roman Pottery
  • College Year in Athens
  • And More...